Adaptive Broadcast

As part of AXE’s “Find Your Magic” campaign that puts individuality in the spotlight, Brooklyn Dog collaborated with Mindshare to give fans a customized ad experience during NCAA March Madness.

Piggybacking off an earlier campaign that originally aired during Super Bowl 50, we created a series of 30-second spots showcasing the NCAA team matchup airing in each region. We took new footage that we produced, built sets for, shot and edited and combined it with existing content to create new assets directly related to the teams that viewers were currently watching on screen.

To prepare for all the possible team matchups in the Sweet 16 semi-finals, we shot 144 separate versions of the bathroom face-paint scene. Finding a stadium-style bathroom with a suitable layout for shooting proved to be a challenge, so a custom set was designed and built from scratch. Quick turnarounds of both production and post-production were crucial in making sure this content remained adaptive and relevant given the chaos surrounding March Madness. 72 Hours from production to on-air delivery.

March Madness Magic.

“Find Your Magic” deviates from Axe’s previous hyper-masculine (and absurdly humorous) campaigns by establishing a new measure of masculinity – one that celebrates the individual. Brooklyn Dog was glad to put our adaptive agility to work for the movement.


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